3D Field Flow is an exploration of invisible space, fluid flow, thermodynamics and dynamical systems. Empty space surrounds us, however is this space really empty? The space around us is governed by the rules of thermodynamics and physics and shows some interesting behavior when simulated and visualized in 3D. 3D Field Flow starts to tackle the challenge of making invisible space visible by using a 3D vector field to stimulate a cube of empty virtual space. The flow inside the empty space is made detectable by using a particle system to visualize the ever-changing values of air velocity inside the diffusing 3D field. The interactive installation allows users to brush the virtual 3D field, allowing them to directly affect invisible space. The particle system acts as the medium by which the viewers can realize their presence and affects on the invisible space.

Designer & Developer: Reza Ali
Output: Prints & Video & Custom Software (Java, Processing)  
Software: Maya & MEL Scripting
Year: 2010