February 26, 2010

According to wikipedia, “emergence is the way complex systems¬†and patterns arise out of a multiplicity¬†of relatively simple interactions.” Thus “EMERGENT” was created using a particle system that was given basic rules of behavior, this is very similar to swarm algorithms using in architecture to create 3D forms. The application/particle system was created/simulated using Processing and OpenGL. The particle trails (locations over time) were imported to Maya using a MEL script and then animated to show their growth over time. I developed a (pretty complex) Processing application that helped me simulate the particle system (300 particles, with per particle interaction) in real-time. This particle system’s simulation algorithm was made in such a way so that I could turn off and on different behaviors, and modify properties/parameters of the system/particle. Parameters like damping, attraction, separation, a spherical goal, particle weight, audio based weights, FFT based weights, brother (or like particle) attraction, spherical flocking, etc. The algorithm is quite complex, so I developed an interface (more on this later) for manipulating the system. So far I have found about 30 distinct swarming setting that produce different forms and exhibit different “behaviors”. The renders above and below represent the trails of the particles, the video represents the growth/movement of the particles over time. Animated/Rendered in Maya/Mental Ray.

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