ConsenSys is a blockchain venture company with the intent to grow the Ethereum network by providing financial services on top of the ethereum blockchain. in August 2019 Concensys reached out to Reza to design a parametric / generative system (an app) that would create help to create brand images for DeFi, Concensys’ decentralized finance arm. Reza used Transform to quickly live code a GPU based particle system that exhibited characteristics of growth, expansion, change, evolution, decentralization and unity. The design team at Concensys then used Transform to further refine the colors, characteristics and feel of the system to fit their brand image. This was a short project (2 weeks) that couldn’t have been possible without the use of open source technologies, such as libcinder, and other addons / blocks for cinder that Reza had built over the past 5 years. Transform is currently open source on github.

Client: Concensys
Designer & Developer: Reza Ali
Output: High-Resolution Images & GLSL GPU Program Code
Duration: 2 weeks
Year: 2019