“LoveHateNow is a constantly evolving, real-time, mixed media triptych exploring the mood of New York City through live internet feeds…Viewers will witness a constantly changing landscape of numbers, words, and images projected onto an algorithmically generated triptych…the piece streams information from the The New York Times, the local weather report, Twitter, and other sources. The result is a snapshot that changes based on the minute-to-minute information it receives.”

Opening: Mixed Greens Gallery, NYC, Saturday, November 20, 6-8pm

Info: LoveHateNow is a real-time video installation in NYC at Mixed Greens Gallery. The work is a collaboration between artist, Alexander Reyna and creative technologist, Heidi Hysell and creative coder, Reza Ali. Reza helped with the design of the visual elements, coding, real-time graphics development and visualization of the real-time data streams.

Artist: Alexander Reyna
Creative Technologist: Heidi Hysell 
Designer & Developer: Reza Ali
Output: Installation & Custom Software (Java, Processing)
Year: 2010