Info: (me)dium is a gallery exhibit focused on the interplay between artistic personalities and forms. All the artists collaborated on a single, large-scale piece that incorporated all their mediums. The piece was the end result of an 5 person artist residency at Heron Arts. The artists (hand selected by Mark Slee) were encouraged to engage and embrace in each others mediums / ideas / ways of working to create a mixed media / new media piece. 

Process: Reza's contribution to the piece was his generative / computational way of working. This manifested itself as the pattern layout of the piece and the digital projections on the canvas. For this he used a golden ratio spiral and a voronoi tessellation to create cells inside of the canvas. Reza wrote a small projection mapping tool (openFrameworks application) and mesh data structure (ofxMesh addon for openFrameworks) to allow him to easily traverse the mesh (created from the voronoi tessellation). The visuals in the projections were created by an audio-reactive particle system (ofxGenerative) traversing the mesh in real-time. In addition to the particle system, Reza projected gifs created from his experiments in capturing beautiful real-time generative moments. The visuals convey the dynamic and interconnectedness of the piece and to help emphasize that ideas were flowing and being exchanged during the residency at Heron Arts. 

Artists: Reza Ali (Digital Projection), Daniel Chen (Paint)Jess Wainer (Glass)Sarah Owen (Metal Patina)Zack Suhadolnik (Paint)
Curator: Mark Slee
Gallery: Heron Arts
Duration: 1 month
Year: 2013