Info: Mmmmm is a Multi-Modal Mobile Music Mixing Application for mixing music on a mobile device (Nokia N900) utilizing a tangible interface. The application allows the user to mix music on a minimal interface. The music can be streamed to bluetooth speakers, hence allowing the DJ/user to be part of the party. Wirelessly controlling and mixing music. Mmmmm is a multi-modal application that utilizes the N900′s built in sensors to create a tangible interface for DJing. The user can gesture to crossfade between tracks and increase volume of each track. The application prototype is complete, further work includes: beat syncing, effects and creating more uses of the built in sensors to provide a tangible interface for mobile DJing.
Designer: Reza Ali
Developers: Reza Ali, Saiph Savage, Elva Chavez 
Output: Mobile Application, Custom Software (C++, Qt)
Conference: NIME 2010
Year: 2009