Info: OK Go asked Reza to create 6 music videos for their summer/spring 2014-2015 tour. Reza was presented with six visual references from Mary Fagot, OKGO's creative director, and was given creative freedom to work within his Rezanator framework, a customized openFrameworks Application (Environment / Software Studio), to create and sequence generative systems inspired by OP Art, optical illusions, visual music, hypersensory immersive media and synaesthesia. 

Research: OKGO's visual setup included two large rear project screen setup in a V behind the band. These images showcase the research and development process behind the visuals and their evolution. 

Client: OK Go
Designer & Developer: Reza Ali 
Creative Director: Mary Fagot
Output: 6 Music Videos & Custom Software (C++, openFrameworks)
Duration: 1 Month
Year: 2014