Info: Visual Sound Design is a tool for exploring simple sound oscillators, synthesis and filtering. The tool allows for the creation of sound oscillators (sine, pulse, square, saw, and triangle waves) and tweaking of their properties (such as frequency, volume, panning, lfo (low frequency oscillator) frequency, and lfo amplitude). Further, each oscillator is embedded in a "note." Each note has an envelope that is dynamic; therefore the envelope's attack and decay can be modified in real-time. VSD also performs sound filtering (band pass, low pass, high pass, and notch filtering), time effects (single echo, double echo, repeating echo, flanging, chorusing, and simulated reverb), and distortion effects. The UI is built with ControlP5, and the entire environment runs in real-time. 

Designer & Developer: Reza Ali
Output: Audio & Custom Software (Java, Processing)
Year: 2010